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We are asking for prayer partners to continue to pray fervently for our Washington D.C. leaders.
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We need to ask God to heal our land!

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Our founding fathers knew that the survival of our great nation depended on a faith in Almighty God. This was true in 1776, and it is still true today.

But, now our nation and the Christian values that America was built upon are under attack. Its hard to believe, but there are some in America today that, if they had it their way, God would be nothing more than a vague memory left behind in the dusty trails of our history. And that is so sad. Simply said, we are at a crucial crossroad in our nation. And whichever way we choose to go as a nation will soon, perhaps very soon, determine our fate.  --- But, here's the good news - there is still time if we move now, but we must take action! --

I invite you to read my book, "Saving America". I believe it will help you to see just what your part is in saving our great nation. I encourage you, after you read my book, to share it with your family & friends. It's a quick and easy read, and it may be the most important book you've read in awhile.

Finally, remember this - the forces of evil are strong and unrelenting, but with God's mighty help we can prevail; We can change the course we are on; we can save America!

May God Bless America!
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