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Making Our History - CD Only

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Making Our History - CD Only
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Are we doing, saying, acting in such a way as to make our America better - worse?

Some of what you will hear:
  • We will look at one of our most important, powerful rights as citizens - the Right To Vote.
  • What about our U.S. Presidents?  You will hear some factoids regarding the past 44 U.S. Presidents
  • You'll learn, perhaps for the first time, why we even have this "Labor" Day and what it means in our nation and history
  • Do you know your own state's motto?  What about other states?
  • Finally, what history are we making for our children and our grandchildren to look back on in the years to come.

For just $11.95 plus $4 shipping and handling, you will get a CD of the program
All for just $15.95 Today.
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