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OMIA Special - Jerry's 50 Favorites CD and his book, "Saving America"

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OMIA Special - Jerry's 50 Favorites CD and his book, "Saving America"
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Home Schooling Student Special

Are you a home schooling parent, teacher or student? Are you educating your children because you've lost confidence in our public schools? Or maybe your children are in public schools but you feel something is lacking? Here at Vision Productions we have a huge library of great stories presented in audio that not only make history come alive, but they teach the philosophies our children so desperately need to learn, like:

  • Truth & Honesty
  • Standing op for what is right
  • Most importantly, honoring God
To help you teach these powerful truths to your children of all ages, we have a special CD entitled "Jerry's Favorite 70" which include stories to teach and learn by. They are only 1 minute in length and there are 50 stories on 1 CD, and you can get it now.

Special: "Jerry's 50 favorites" on CD and his book "Saving America" - both for $14.95 plus $5 S/H for a total of $19.95

Plus you can add just $6.00 more and get the audio CD of Jerry's book for a total of $26.95 (to order the audio CD of "Saving America" separately, order here.)

"The philosophies of our school room in one generation will be the philosophy of our government in the next"

Abraham Lincoln
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