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We are asking for prayer partners to continue to pray fervently for our Washington D.C. leaders.
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We need to ask God to heal our land!

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o-dl14 I'm Just Joshing You $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl15 Be A Hero-A Real Hero $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl16 Our First President Was Who? $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl17 To Succeed You Must Fail $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl18 He Who Is Good For Excuses $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl19 Boiling Frogs $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl20 Birds Of A Feather $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl21 Abe Lincoln-Teaching Our Children $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl22 How Could Patrick Say It $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl23 Charles Plumb's Parachute $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl24 How Important Is Attitude $0.49  Add To Cart  
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Who Invented Chewing Gum? Who Invented Chewing Gum?
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The Spare Tire
Thirteen Stripes
What's the Weather, Sir?


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