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We are asking for prayer partners to continue to pray fervently for our Washington D.C. leaders.
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We need to ask God to heal our land!

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One Moment In America - Audio Product

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o-dl61 Thirteen Stripes $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl62 Debt Free $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl63 Why Are Barns Red? $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl64 Our Biggest Threat to America $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl65 The First Submarine $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl70favs Jerry's 70 Favorites -download $5.99  Add To Cart  
0-70cd-book Home School Special - Jerry's 70 Favorites CD and his book, "Saving America" $15.95  Add To Cart  
o-dl66 The Man on the Moon $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl67 The Spare Tire $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl68 Who Invented Chewing Gum? $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl69 Get Out of the Bunkers $0.49  Add To Cart  
o-dl70 A Bunch of Bunk $0.49  Add To Cart  
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Ill Gotten Gain Ill Gotten Gain
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Good For Your Health
The Day Mickey Was Banned
The Ten Commandments


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