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We are asking for prayer partners to continue to pray fervently for our Washington D.C. leaders.
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We need to ask God to heal our land!

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"Terrorism - What Must We Do Now To Stop It?"

Posted by Jerry Stewart on 7/15/2016
It's Either "Give up and Surrender" Or This! 
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"The '10 Cannots' For America"

Posted by Jerry Stewart on 7/11/2016
In 1992, in his speech to the Republican Convention, Ronald Reagan listed the "Ten Cannots" for our nation.
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"Get Out Of The Middle Of The Road"

Posted by Jerry Stewart on 7/11/2016
We are in a real mess in our nation and our world today; it is getting harder and harder to fit in the group because, when it comes to the issues facing us all, so many in the group want to go to the middle where it is safe, where there is comfort in numbers. And when you choose to follow your own convictions, your own moral compass, to follow what Almighty God has to say, you can find yourself very much alone. But is being in the middle the answer? Read these thoughts then let me know what you think.
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"In Our Upcoming Presidential Election Who Does God Want To Win?"

Posted by Jerry Stewart on 7/4/2016
Whose Side Is God On?
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"Why Did He Sign So Big?"

Posted by Jerry Stewart on 7/4/2016
There is one patriot we all know by his name,
             but do we really know him? 
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 "Are We and Our America Just Falling Apart?"
 "Are You A Fanatic? You'd Better Be"
 Was There Another Wise Man?
 "The Christmas Miracle"
 "A City Upon A Hill"

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