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We are asking for prayer partners to continue to pray fervently for our Washington D.C. leaders.
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We need to ask God to heal our land!

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10 Favorite YAT Stories plus Autographed Book
4-1Cinderella Man - You Are There Audio Sample
5-1Free Indeed - One Moment In America Audio Sample
A Bunch of Bunk
A Lifetime of Service - Instant Download
A Lifetime of Service CD
A Monument To Bull Weevils
A Penny Saved Is How Much?
A Soldier's Sacrifice - CD copy
A Soldier's Sacrifice- instant download
A Thankful People - CD
A Thankful People Download
A Winning America - CD
A Winning America - Instant Download
Abe Lincoln-Teaching Our Children
Alexander Bell's Failed Invention
An American Conundrum
An American Prayer - instant download
An American Prayer CD
An American Thanksgiving- Download
Are We Fooling God
Be A Hero-A Real Hero
Being Honorable
Being Just Americans
Being Thankful
Birds Of A Feather
Boiling Frogs
Can I Make It On My Own
Charles Lindberg-The Spirit Of St Louis
Charles Plumb's Parachute
Climbing Your Mountain of Life CD copy
Climbing Your Mountain of Life-instant download
Common Sense
D-Day-To End The War - instant download
D-Day-To End The War CD
Debt Free
Do You Really Believe
Does Anybody Really Know?
Don't Burn Our Flag
Driving The Car-And He's Blind
Finding America - instant download
Finding America CD
Finding Thanksgiving - CD
Finding Thanksgiving-Instant Download
Forever Heroes-CD Copy
Forever Heroes-Instant Download
George Washington-The Failure
George Whitefield-The Great American Revival
Get Out of the Bunkers
Go Knock On Opportunity's Door
God Bless America
God Saved Washington DC
Good For Your Health
Hard Times - Thankful Heart CD
Hard Times - Thankful Heart- instant download
Have Yourself A Merry Christmas - Instant Download
He Who Is Good For Excuses
Home School Book Special with Book on CD
Home School Special - Jerry's 70 Favorites CD and his book, "Saving America"
How Could Patrick Say It
How Does Opportunity Work
How Great Thou Art - Instant Download
How High Can A Flea Jump?
How Important Is Attitude
How Important Is Attitude
I Saw The Light - Instant Download
I'll Be Home For Christmas - Instant Download
Ill Gotten Gain
I'm Just Joshing You
In Who Do We Trust-CD
In Who Do We Trust-Instant Download
Income Tax-Unconstitutional
It'll Never Stop
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - Instant Download
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas - instant download
It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas CD
Jackie Robinson-Breaking the Barrier
Jerry Stewart's Book - "Saving America"
Jerry Stewart's Book Audio Download - "Saving America"
Jerry Stewart's Book on Audio CD - "Saving America"
Jerry's 70 Favorites -download
Jerry's Christmas CD
Jerry's Christmas CD - Instant Download
Jesus' Disciples
John Bradford-There But For The Grace Of God Go I
John Hancocks "Big Sig"
John Kennedy-Cuban Crisis-"Ask Not"
Johnny Appleseed
Keep Swinging
Less of Me CD - 15 songs - Instant Download
Less of Me CD with 15 songs
Let It Snow - Instant Download
Lets Celebrate America - CD
Lets Celebrate America - instant download
Let's Kill George Washington
Little Strokes Fell Giant Oaks
Live Like You Were Dying CD - 10 songs - Instant Download
Live Like You Were Dying CD with 10 songs
Live Like You Were Dying song - Instant Download
Looking For Christmas - instant download
Looking For Christmas CD
Made In America - instant download
Made In America- CD
Making Our History - CD Only
Making Our History - Instant download
My Dad's Advice
Nathan Hale-I Regret I Have But One Life
Not Without Our Bill Of Rights
OMIA Special - Jerry's 70 Favorites CD and his book, "Saving America"
On A Wing and A Prayer - instant download
On A Wing and A Prayer CD
One Final Salute - 2 CD
One Final Salute - instant download
One Great President
Our American Character CD
Our American Character- instant download
Our American Liberty CD
Our American Liberty-instant download
Our American Rights - CD
Our American Rights - instant download
Our Biggest Threat to America
Our First President Was Who?
Our Great America - CD
Our Great America - CD
Our Great America - Instant Download
Our Great America CD
Our Great America Download
Overcoming CD copy
Overcoming-Instant Download
Pledging Our Allegiance CD
Pledging Our Allegiance CD
Pledging Our Allegiance- instant download
Praying For Rain
Protecting Others
Remember Me- CD
Remember Me- instant download
Remembering Pearl Harbor Download
Softly and Tenderly - Instant Download
St Patrick's Day
Sutter's Mill-All That Glitters
Taking Communion On The Moon
That First Tea Party
The American Road
The American Road - instant download
The American Way Download
The Bataan Death March - instant Download
The Bataan Death March CD
The Battle For Bunker Hill
The Battle For Hamburger Hill - instant download
The Battle For Hamburger Hill CD
The Battle For Iwo Jima - CD
The Battle For Iwo Jima-Instant Download
The Beatles-They Got It From Buddy
The Best Seller No One Reads
The Birth of Freedom
The Birth of Freedom - instant download
The Christmas Song - Instant Download
The Copperheads
The Day Mickey Was Banned
-The Enemy Is Ours
The Fight To Survive CD
The Fight To survive- instant download
The First Submarine
The First Woman Doctor
The Gift of Thanks - instant download
The Gift of Thanks CD
The Giving - instant download
The Giving CD
The Greatest Gift Ever - CD
The Greatest Gift Ever - Instant Download
The Hope of Christmas
The Hope of Christmas- Instant Download
The Hope of Thanksgiving - instant download
The Hope of Thanksgiving CD
The Influence Of A Godly Mother
The Joy of Christmas - instant download
The Joy of Christmas CD
The Last American Christmas - Instant Download
The Last American Christmas CD copy
The Man on the Moon
The Miracle of Christmas - Download
The Most Famous American Speech
The Old Ideals
The Price of Freedom? - Some one
The Price Paid For Freedom- CD
The Price Paid For Freedom-Instant Download
The Soldier's Code
The Song Of Freedom CD
The Song Of Freedom Download
The Spare Tire
The State Of Franklin
The Ten Commandments
The Very Old Christmas Card
The Visitation Download
The Worst of Evlls
Their Last Full Measure CD
Their Last Full Measure - CD Copy
Their Last Full Measure - instant download
Their Last Full Measure - instant download
These Are the Times
They Married Clean Men
Thirteen Stripes
Three Wooden Crosses song - Instant Download
To Succeed You Must Fail
Todd Lincoln-Wrong Place, Wrong Time
We Are All Americans
We thank You - instant download
We Thank You CD
We The People CD
We The People Download
What A Friend We Have In Jesus - Instant Download
What's It All About, Alfie?
What's the Weather, Sir?
When Life Hands You Lemons
When the Indians Ran America
Which Wolf Wins
White Christmas - Instant Download
Who Are You Following
Who Invented Chewing Gum?
Why Are Barns Red?
Why Do We Eat Those Black Eyed Peas
Why Hardship Is Your Friend
Will Rogers-A Nation Of Quitters
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The Hope of Christmas The Hope of Christmas
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Finding Thanksgiving - CD
The Battle For Iwo Jima - CD
A Winning America - CD


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