"Dying For What You Believe In"

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"One Moment In America" Home School Special
Jerry's 70 Favorite Short Stories on CD and his book "Saving America"
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"Stand Up America"

A must have for the Patriot

America has been a great nation for over 240 years - that's longer than any of the other great nations in our world's history.

But can we assume that our American "greatness" will automatically last forever, or is there something we must do, someone who must help us, to keep our "greatness"?  Oh yes; we have a part; but just what is our part?  

This 1 hour audio will reveal the answers you need.

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Saving The Nation - 10 Week Study Lessons

10 Weeks of Character Lessons told with History Stories for children of all ages.  

They come by email with an audio story and printable lessons and guidelines so you can complete them with your schedule.

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