"Are We and Our America 
Just Falling Apart?"

fish with no eyes - 
how is that possible?
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     As we wind our way down to our coming presidential election, one of our political parties is saying "things are actually going quite well, and our plan is to keep our nation on the same track for more of the same". Is that true? Is our nation really doing quite well? 

Let's see:
  • We have a tremendous national debt owing that we struggle to even service the interest owing on it; by the way, that national debt belongs to each of us as U.S. citizens to the tune of almost $60,000 each; and you thought you were debt free.
  • More and more people are out of work and on some form of government assistance with more personal credit card debt than ever before in our nation's history;
  • There are less and less real family values. According to statistics I found, almost 50% of all U.S. children today live in a home without both their father and their mother.
  • There is a tremendous down turn in this ideal of "respect for authority"; according to studies conducted, honesty and telling the truth do not rate that high among our young people here in America.
  • So many in American now believe it's not important to stand and honor our national anthem; in fact some say that it is, somehow, "cool" to dishonor our flag;

(I could go one, but I'll stop here)

     But here's the most amazing part - as one of our political party is touting just how great everything is going today in America - believe it or not, upwards to 50% of all Americans agree, 
And plan to prove it with their votes! Wow!

     One of the most magnificent ships ever was the mighty Queen Mary built in 1936. She crossed the ocean successfully for over four decades and even transported Allied troops in World War II. 
     Well, after the retirement of the Queen Mary, she was anchored in Long Beach, California and converted into a hotel and museum. 
     After sitting out of use for years, the huge smoke stacks never even fired up, a restoration crew removed the three massive smokestacks to be cleaned and repainted. To everyone's shock and dismay, as the smoke stacks were being removed, they just crumbled - fell apart.Amazingly, all that remained of the 3/4" steel plates was only layers of paint - the steel had just disintegrated -there was literally nothing left.
     What had happened? The Queen Mary suffered from a condition that is, sadly, also common to mankind - our outer exteriors can look good to the world with all our polish and paint and facade; but the reality is this - if what we appear to stand for, our core values, if they are not used daily, really taken seriously, then deterioration and destruction will surely occur and we will crumble.
     And this is what is happening to our America - Without the active use of our core basic values and morals, we are witnessing before our very eyes the deterioration of our nation.

A "Conscience" Stone
     Did you know that some of our world's earliest civilizations believed that deep inside each person's soul is a three-cornered stone that is the key to our conscience. They believed that when a person's core values were violated, that this stone would turn, and with each turn of this stone, the corners would cut inside that person making them feel the weight of violating their own conscience. In other words, they felt guilty.
     But, when this stone turned, and the corners cut that person's conscience, something else happened - the corners began, little by little, to wear off; and if the conscience continued to be violated, if a person knew what was right, yet refused to do it, finally, sadly, the sharp corners were all gone, and the person felt nothing.

Fish with No Eyes!
fish with no eyes
Years ago, a team of scientists traveled to the bottom of a deep dark cave, and when they got to the bottom of the cave they found a small pond, and in that pond where there was literally no light, not even a single wave of light, they found fish living there. As they examined these fish, they discovered something amazing - once these fish had had eyes, but for all these years with no light, only darkness, believe it or not, their eyes just disappeared and, today they have no eyes.
So, where are we today in America?  
Sadly, little by little, we are refusing to look, to see with our eyes, and to feel with our conscience what we know to be right, and little by little this stone representing our conscience, its corners, are losing their edge, and our eyes are being covered because we refuse to see. And if we don't do something soon, sadly, it will be too late to save our America.

And Our Children?
When I was a kid growing up in the 50's there was a common saying by parents to their children, "DO AS I SAY, NOT AS I DO". That way the parents could do what they wanted, but still instruct their children otherwise. Today, for all you parents who are still using this line, 
     Simply this - children learn by example, and you can't expect to do as you please and your children not follow you. 
  •  if you don't want your children to tell dirty jokes, then you don't tell dirty jokes. 
  • If you don't want your children to cuss and use filthy language, then you don't. 
  • If you don't want your children to use drugs, that includes alcohol and cigarettes, then you don't. 
  • If you don't want your children to go to "R" rated movies or have sex outside of marriage then you don't. 

     Otherwise, short of them being totally disgusted with the way you conduct yourself, expect your kids to pick up your same filthy habits and lifestyle - 

and they will most likely start sooner in life than you did - 

and be even more extreme. 


   Finally, regardless of who you plan to vote for, vote - vote. If we don't exercise this powerful right that our founding fathers gave us, someday soon we may just lose that right. 

And if you don't vote - don't complain. 
You've gotten what you deserve!


Jim Neal

Date 10/28/2016


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