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Merry Christmas!
"The Reason We Have Christmas"

To Listen to an 8 minute "Reason we celebrate Christmas"
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We are asking for prayer partners to continue to pray fervently for our Washington D.C. leaders.
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We need to ask God to heal our land!

Jerry Stewart's "One Moment in America"

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Featured Programs - Audio Product

We deeply love our nation, America, and our radio programs over the last 15 years have been focused
on telling the stories of how our America came to be the greatest nation in the world.

But now we see our nation changing, losing it’s  “greatness”. But how, why? We believe it’s because we have lost our way as a nation, and the powerful
principles and values that our nation was built upon are just going away.

And our kids? What do they see? They are not learning so many of these core principles necessary to give them what they need to be tomorrow’s leaders.
And if they don’t learn it now – it will be lost forever.

So, we have taken our 15 years of stories and communicating the true “greatness”
of America, and we have built a curriculum which can be taught to the children of all ages right now. We use story telling - good, true stories, presented in such a way that the children will be interested and entertained – and they will learn.

We have a full curriculum designed to give a 10 week course for you and your children, your  entire family, to incorporate into your home studies, three sessions per week for less than $4 per week.

So let’s stop talking about it and just show
you a sample lesson for free.
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Are you like one recent listener, you've been listening to my programs now for years and you think it would be great to hear my patriotic messages in person. I'll tell you just what I told him - you call, you invite, I'll come. Contact my office at 817-576-2976 or go to and drop me an email. I would love the opportunity to come to your city, your local meeting hall or auditorium, your football field, your school, your church. I would love to tell you what is on my heart for our nation. So, a simple phone call or email costs nothing. Let's talk and see if we might be able to put something together in your town. Remember, the future of our America is not up to anyone else - it's up to you and me.

 Featured Products
A Thankful Heart $19.95 Add To Cart  
A Thankful Heart - instant download $3.79 Add To Cart  
Coming Back Home - CD - (The Road to get America Back Home) $12.95 Add To Cart  
Overcoming CD and Book $15.95 Add To Cart  
Patriotic Special 2019 $24.95 Add To Cart  
Veterans Day - A Special D-Day Program on CD With Book $14.95 Add To Cart  
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fp-dl3 The Song Of Freedom Download $3.79  Add To Cart  
fp-dl4 The American Way Download $3.79  Add To Cart  
fp-dl5 A Thankful People Download $3.79  Add To Cart  
fp-dl6 The Visitation Download $3.79  Add To Cart  
fp-dl7 Our Great America Download $3.79  Add To Cart  
fp-dl8 We The People Download $3.79  Add To Cart  
fp-cd Our Great America CD $11.99  Add To Cart  
fp-cd We The People CD $11.99  Add To Cart  
fp-dl9 Remembering Pearl Harbor Download $3.79  Add To Cart  
fp-dl10 An American Thanksgiving- Download $3.79  Add To Cart  
fp-dl11 The Miracle of Christmas - Download $3.79  Add To Cart  
fp-dl12 Overcoming-Instant Download $3.79  Add To Cart  
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Choose a story below to listen to a free audio sample from Jerry Stewart - Enjoy!

"Free Indeed" - One Moment In America Audio Sample

CLICK HERE to listen to this free sample of Jerry Stewart's One Moment In America: "Free Indeed"

"Cinderella Man" - 'You Are There' Audio Sample

CLICK HERE to listen to this free sample of Jerry Stewart's 'You Are There':"Cinderella Man"

Jerry Stewart's Speech To The Bellingham Tea Party

Home For Christmas - CD  Home For Christmas - CD
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Patriotic Special 2019
A Thankful Heart - instant download
A Thankful Heart



President Abraham Lincoln said, 
"The Philosophies taught in our school rooms today will be the Philosophies of our government tomorrow"!

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to help us in our efforts to save our America - we
must have donations to help us teach these
core principles across America
A 501 (c) (3) Organization

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