These days there's always a lot of talk about freedom of religion in America. Some say we should be able to openly acknowledge God and Christ in public. Others strongly disagree.

But, I do think it's time we get one thing straight. The First Amendment battle being waged in our country today is not about what God we will serve. It's about getting rid of God in our country altogether, and all this talk about keeping Him out of our public schools and government buildings is just a smokescreen.

Think about it. A personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ is not some kind of faucet that can be turned on and off at will. The worship of God is not just a Sunday thing, it's every day, every moment of our life, and when there's a crisis no one asks for permission to pray - it just happens.

So when the call goes out for God to be removed from public life in the name of freedom of religion - don't be fooled. They don't want freedom to worship God as one pleases, they want God out - period! And when God is gone from America, it's only a matter of time until - there is no America.

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