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Jerry Stewart's "One Moment in America"

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Listener Comments

Hope all is well. Karla and I took our 4 year-old, to Disneyland last week. There is an attraction there where a lifelike Lincoln recounts his speeches and thoughts. At one point Lincoln was talking about our great nation, and how no outside force could destroy what we have, if we were to ever lose the wonderful democracy we had built, it could only come from within. I can't help but think that is exactly the road we are traveling now. 

Best wishes, 



Hello Jerry, I enjoyed this story. I learn something new each time a new story comes my way. Thank you. God is helping me in a big way. I have a resounding joy, in my heart and being. I know that He would never burden me with this struggle, without the knowledge that we will succeed! This is very encouraging and drives me forward. This Saturday is our program. We are all set, and I pray that we sell it out. We have worked hard on this, and I know God will be there with us. I keep thinking back, to see where I really got back on track. The answer is the same.... your book. I keep this book, in my office, next to me. It give me strength and the will to move forward. For this alone, I will be eternally indebted to you. You are truly and great Man. God be with you, protect you, and move your agenda forward. Bye for now, the fight continues.

Your Friend,

Son of Liberty


There is a similar story to "And when George Washington went into battle, he never went without first asking for God's help. there is one written account of a messenger looking for Washington with an important message. Where did he finally find him? In the woods, on his knees, praying."

It is that Britisher Patrick Ferguson [who later died at the Battle of King's Mountain] had seen a man in prayer in a clearing in the northern woods, an American, but he did not kill him, though he could have easily taken the shot, because he would not kill a man in the midst of his prayers.
Later, he discovered he could have killed George Washington, himself.
Interestingly, the British might have won the Revolution if they had not been so insular that they had kept the militia troops subserviant, despite militia having better tacticians, and if they had not regarded the invention of the Scot, the repeating rifle, as beneathe their dignity to manufacture. God's providence works in frailities of men too.


Dear Jerry,

I just read your "Be a fan of America" article and I found it a
bit perplexing.  I'm not sure that I would lump Abraham Lincoln and
every other common man in America in the same category.  Despite
Lincoln's own comments I don't think there is much of an argument that
he was indeed an extraordinary man.  The idea that common men can run
such a great and powerful country, I feel, is dangerous.  That does
not mean that the country shouldn't be operated to serve the interests
of the common man.  I think one of George Bush's (for example)
greatest assets to his electability and legislative successes was his
down to earth personality.  I do not think that was an asset to his
ability to lead this country through the storms it encountered.
Considering myself a common man I have no qualms admitting that I am
in no way qualified to lead this great country and find it harmful to
this country to endorse such an idea.

Have a great day.

--  Perry



Enjoyed your comment.

One of my favorite quotes comes from Mr. Washington when he was presiding over the creation of the constitution. It is a quote I wish more Republican legislators would consider today in the light of the pressure to be "bipartisan".

He said: "If to please the people we offer what we ourselves disapprove, how can we afterwards defend our work? Let us raise a standard to which the wise and honest can repair. The event is in the hand of God."

Hope all is well with your Texas life and you have found an additional cruise or two to enjoy.



Hello Jerry, This one brought me to tears. I now know, how George Washington felt. God has given me the courage, and unrelenting drive to do what I can to save our Country. You Jerry, thru your book, set me on this mission. I can trace my conversion into a book seller, community organizer, and political activist, right back to what I learned from you. God Bless You. I think and pray for you every day. I pray all is well with you, and your family. Stay safe, and keep up the good fight.

Your Friend,
Son of Liberty


Jerry, your storytelling ability and cadence (especially the first paragraph) are one of those gifts-given.

Thanks, Steve


The Rick Monday story brought tears to my eyes. Hadn't heard that one before. Wish everyone had his integrity!!!



Hey Jerry, Another winner, keep it up. Each time I receive your reports I seem to be busy. I pause, then make a decision to either open it or move on to my many “things to do”. I have yet to be disappointed in choosing to take a few minutes to read through your reports. It’s said that we are inundated with so much information both good and bad, that we quite often miss out on encouraging words like these. As time passes I hope to increase the “read rate” and get blessed more often than I have been.

Thanks so much,



Why resist so drugging was the only way to ensure involvement?
My parents led the way with service, and I loved going along to be helpful. I was not doing the work alone, but in companionship with my mom. That made a big difference in my reaction to the opportunity to help someone.



Another good column, Jerry. Keith Green has always been my favorite Christian singer and it's nice to see others still remember his lyrics. He was a pioneer and a Bible teacher with his music. I often wonder how much more he would have taught us, and how many more he would have brought to Jesus, had he lived longer.



Good morning Jerry,
I love this writing, so thank you for this gift.
One thing, the person who sings the son is Steve Green
You are so right. We must have the last word in defining who we are, and what we believe in. That movement is now underway.
Jerry, in the last 2 weeks, there has been a monumental shift in the perception of where this administration is taking our beloved Country.
I feel a strong wind to our backs. Good, decent people from every walk of life will use the power of the word, principal, and our VOTE to
change the directions we are headed. We will save this Great Nation. I feel God's presence, in all I do. I pray to him, to use me God.
Use me. And He does.
Hi Jerry,

Great job on today's Stewart Report. The song by Keith Green is a favorite of that I've enjoyed singing with Elaine. The words are the prayer of my heart  for my own life. I also appreciated the Audio truly pathetic a place at which we have arrived. Good job.

Dear Jerry,
I enjoy your emails. You know how I enjoy history and I like how you relate it to life. This weeks side reference to Benjamin Franklin caught my eye. I just read "Benjamin Franklin: An American Life" by Walter Isaacson. It was a very good read, I recommend it. While I'm recommending books, I also just finished "Blood and Thunder: The epic story of Kit Carson and the Conquest of the American West" by Hampton Sides and would strongly recommend it as well. Both very interesting and informative.


Dear Jerry,
Well done on your latest e-newsletter. It got me thinking and reminded me of a conversation I recently had with one of my close friends - we talked about how America is built on "tolerance." Our Founding Fathers could disagree and yell, scream and even take it "outside" on issues that were at the center of discussion - they did it not based on party politics but rather on what was best for our country.

We need to move back in that direction.

Keep up the good work.



Dear Jerry,
What an amazing story. I don't believe I've ever heard it referenced before. Only a firm conviction and the power of the Holy Spirit could cause that to happen. Makes me wonder if any of those Roman soldiers later yielded to Christ after the reality of what had occurred really sunk in.

Thanks for sharing.

Dear Jerry,
WOW!!! That is one powerful story. For me, right now, I would give everything I own, and yes my life, fighting for my country.
I never thought, I would be fighting my own government!! But fight I must, and fight I will.

There is an awakening happening in our Country. I feel a wind to my back, and a downhill ride to November 2010.
We Will Win This Fight!!!

Hi Jerry thanks for a great story!

We all need to hear a story like that at such a fast pace life during Christmas especially.

I hope you have a wonderful Christmas and we will all be thinking of you during our family time (it wont be the same without you!!!)

Jean and family
Dear Jerry,
Great piece about Teddy Roosevelt. Thanks. Tim and I recently read a hard-to-put-down book about him called "The River of Doubt." Need a good read? or a great gift? Check it out...a historical (post presidency) adventure story re. a trip in the Amazon basin that we had never heard of before.

And that is my literary tip of the day.

Merry Christmas!

Dear Jerry,
Merry Christmas, Jerry! How encouraging, literally are those words. Powerful. Just Powerful. I hope you are doing well with all your adjustments and that life in Texas is gratifying. God is so great.

Whatcom County is quite chilly lately, but we're having a 50 degree heat wave today with a gusty South wind.

Blessings and Light in His Name,

Dear Jerry,
I really enjoy your One Moment in America.

While I appreciate America because we all join together in celebrating it, I also appreciate America because it lets me be who I am and make my contribution as a Jew.

Irving Berlin who wrote God Bless America and White Christmas was also a Jew.

By the way so was Kate Smith the best known chanteuse of God Bless America.

Every time an American dreams of a white Christmas or blesses America with that song, that contribution was made by a Jew.

Now, I know that’s not always your focus, but for us, who are so often excoriated for so much, it seems that a mention would not be too much to ask (you may recall that I wrote to you about the Congressional Medal winner as well…

That’s my Moment of Reply

Keep up the great work.

PS – Who invented the electric Menorah?

Dear Jerry,
I just love that message. It is so simple. God will show us the way.

I spent the day yesterday, Pearl Harbor Day, with my Veterans!
Each year, on 12-7.... I witness the greatness of the Country. Old Veterans, and
young enlisted me, sharing the memories of that fateful day of infamy. I am so lucky to
have forged these friendships. They will not be with us much longer, my time with them is
so precious. I hope this email finds you well, and strong. Kathy and I are hanging in there,
and are busy. Jesus' birthday is soon, what a joy. I love this time of year. My God bless you,
and protect you. I think of your often, and feel your courage and strength. Thank you!!

Your friend,

Dear Jerry,
Another phenomenal message.....I really enjoy your writings. I think of you often.

Good Morning Jerry :)

That was a power packed, Holy Spirit driven message!! Thank you for hearing the very breath of God, trying to REVIVE America to stand up and fight. Fight for what we know is right, according to Gods standards...not mans. We are indeed overcomers, and if we don't go through the fire and stand firm on what we know is right, keeping our eyes on Jesus, we will stay in bondage to the world and it's ways! When I was reading this I saw a picture of the scene from the Passion, when Jesus was brought in and King Herod was lounging around with his followers. In the film Herod was obese and his followers, looked to me, as being oppressed. I remember hearing in my heart while I watched the movie, "Herod represents satan, and his followers, demons...see how smug and prideful they are" immediately I knew the battle was going to intensify after that movie was released. God's people are becoming like captured by the world and it's ways that they can't see the Truth anymore...falling for the lies, and deceit of the enemy. This is happening with "Christians" and non Christians alike. The same thing that happened to the Israelites, the people of Noah's days, the people of Sodom and Gomorrah...history repeating itself only on a much uglier scale. It is time for Gods army to stand up and fight for the lost and brokenhearted, we can't lay down, and give up we must continue to fight for Gods people! Remember Proverbs 29:18 KJV, Where there is no vision the people perish! This is the "seeing the Truth" part! We have to come together in unity and pray for America, Home of the BRAVE! Jesus was no weak sauce, He was a Mighty Warrior, who knew the outcome and still persevered and fought until the battle was won!!! The enemy was defeated at the Cross, Jesus is the Victor! There is a shift of thinking that needs to happen, in America, we need to be change agents for Christ. Changing and shifting the atmosphere with His Presence and Glory! True light bearers, no matter what the costs, the outcomes, the sneers and jeers we can not renounce the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. We must not ever renounce the name of Jesus. I am standing on 1 Peter 12-14, especially 14! The Spirit of glory and of God rests upon you!!!!!!

Will you let me know your thoughts on this? :) I'm not sure what came over me hahaha! But I concur with what you were saying, keep it up Brother!!

Blessings on you Jerry!

Good Morning Jerry,

I just read the current "Stewart Report". Just perfect! My dear wife Kathy, keeps telling me, that what the Country is experiencing right now
is a good thing. Hardship. Seeing what one party rule produces. In one short year, we see what a very liberal/progressive agenda has wrought
upon our Country. I hope and pray, that the good people of this Country have awaken, and see what is going on, and act in 2010 to turn this around.
With our Lord's help, we will accomplish this mission.

I hope and pray this email finds you well, strong, and determined. Keep up the righteous agenda/battle. You are a great warrior. You are
leading untold numbers of good citizens, who just need an encouraging message, and a plan. Keep it up Jerry. You are a blessing for our
Nation. God Bless You!!

Randy Cross
Dear Jerry,

Good, thought provoking story and challenges. We need to be challenged, for sure. Way to go.....AGAIN!

Love ~

Dear Jerry,
I appreciated your wonderful editorial defining ‘a hero’ for us, and I’m aware that, as that was your purpose, keeping the report very general may have been important.

However, I assume that you are aware of the other germaine facts about Leopold Karpeles---he was a Jew and an immigrant. He originally came to Galveston, Texas in 1861 to live with a brother, at the beginning of the Civil War. Galveston was a large port of entry for immigrants in those days and had a significant Jewish population. Karpeles could not stand slavery and moved north and joined the Union Army.

I appreciate Leopold Karpeles as an American Hero, but I also appreciate him as a Jew. We have been so often pilloried by accusations of disloyalty, cowardice, and avarice, that these examples are important to us. I know it was not your main purpose, but I would have hoped you would have found a place to mention Karpeles’ Judaism, as it certainly informed the process that resulted in his heroism.

Thanks again for your good work.

Dear Jerry,
That was beautiful!  It really helps to once again put things into perspective.  Living with confidence in a chaotic world.    I have been reading the two books that Dr. David Jeremiah has written.  The first was "What in the World is going on"  and  now the other  "Living with confidence in a chaotic world".  I have gained such wisdom from reading these books and will encourage anyone to read them.  
God Bless you Jerry.
Thank you for your dedication to serving.
Great column! Well done Jerry!!!


Yes, the people were gullible, but the quasi-news was deceitful.
In much the same way today the news is quasi and deceitful.
The intent is to sway towards a particular point of view - and
action, or inaction.
Today in Washington, we are dealing with that issue with 71.
Deceit can triumph in the earthly arena of evil, whereas only truth
can triumph for eternity.
God bless you for your unique work.


Thanks Jerry for the timely message. As I was reading a speech by Solzhenitsyn yesterday I learned that in 1933, as FDR was warning us about fear, he was "fearlessly" granting full diplomatic recognition to Stalin's USSR which had already murdered hundreds of thousands of its citizens, possibly millions. In 1945 at Yalta, FDR was evidently so afraid of Stalin that he meekly agreed to the enslavement of Eastern Europe, even though he knew that before the war Stalin had averaged killing 40,000 political prisoners a month for over two years. Then he and our allies also caved in to Stalin's demand that all Russian soldiers trying to stay in free Europe be returned. 1.5 million were handed over -- to be executed.

FDR turned out to be a great coward, except when it came to deficit spending and packing the Supreme Court.


One of two cenarios----------------------------------------------------------# 1, If CHRISTIANS (The real ones -1st John 4:2 & 4 with colosians 1:26,27 KJV) Will do 2nd Chronicles 7:14 instead of just preaching it & talking it, while not obeying that part of it that says "and turn from their wicked ways. THEN America is comeing down and litterally being turned into hell -Psalms 9:17------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # 2, If CHRISTIANS from their hearts fail to forgive their opponents sins & blindness that satan has blinded them with. Then we CHRISTIANS have tied Gods ability to intervene by his own words - John 20:21,22,23.-------------------# 3, If CHRISTIANS do not awake to rightousness & sin not & see their divinely appointed time (as Jesus draws near our city (Luke 19:41 thru 44) and looks to see if any know their appointed time to stand in the gaps - Ezekial 13:5 and 22:30 and make up the hedge for America. No but unlike Moses - Exodus 32:9 thru 14, We CHRISTIANS visualize in our hearts saying destroy those Democrats, or destroy them republicans and make of us a great nation (verse 10). # 4, Come "now" CHRISTIAN, Let us be ashamed & blush - Ezra 9:6 and obey Father - Matthew 5:44. Forgive them and pray for them, not that their endeavors would succeed but that their heart, eyes and ears would be opened to be converted so that we all may be healed - Acts 28:27,28, . Lay claim to those last four words of verse 28 as we pray.-------------------------------TAKE IT NOT LIGHTLY TAKE IT NOT LIGHTLY- Get yourselves unlazy, Shake off the LETHARGY & INDIFFERENCE. - PRAY----LOOK IN YOUR BIBLE READ THOSE VERSES - SEE YOURSELF AS YOU REALLY ARE..........
    Great to hear from you again. Keep up the excellent work!!!!  


My wife and I heard your Independence Day broadcast on KFEQ Radio in St. Joseph, Missouri.  It was unlike any program we had heard before!  Glorious way to celebrate the 4th of July! 

Thank you so much! 

Amazonia, Missouri.


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