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Thanksgiving Day Program

"A Place Called Thanksgiving"

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Patriots Day 911

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We are asking for prayer partners to continue to pray fervently for our Washington D.C. leaders.
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We need to ask God to heal our land!

Jerry Stewart's "One Moment in America"

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The Giving - instant download

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The Giving - instant download
The Giving - instant download
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Some of what you will hear in this program:

      • You will hear the true story of one 8 year old boy who became lost at Christmas, could not find his family, and the "Christmas Angel" who found him.
      • What about all of the traditions of Christmas, and the legends - we will be digging into how we came to have Christmas trees, and lights, and mistletoe. And the children - don't forget the great stories of the children at Christmas.
      • Do you know the real story of Saint Nicholas? Yeah, he was a real person who became a story of selfless giving that most Americans have never known.
      • You'll hear the story of a young boy who had stopped believing in Santa Claus, and what his grandma did to prove that the spirit of Santa was still very much alive.

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      President Abraham Lincoln said, 
      "The Philosophies taught in our school rooms today will be the Philosophies of our government tomorrow"!

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