I wonder what the Declaration of Independence

would look like

if it were written today?

Sad to say, if our nation’s leaders sat down to write it today, by the time it had passed all of the politically correct committees and judges, our Declaration of Independence would be so watered down and void of references to God,

He would most likely never even be mentioned. (agree? disagree?)

Thank God we’ve got that Declaration that no matter how hard some may try - those words can never be changed.(or can they?)

    But, just how important was God to our founding fathers? And what part did they believe that He would play in their quest for independence?

To know that, just look at the very words found in Patrick Henry’s

famous speech in which he boldly stated,

“ Give me liberty of give me death”.

 Just a few sentences before those words he said this:

    “We shall not fight our battle alone. There is a just God who presides over the destinies of nations, and who will

raise friends up to fight our battle for us.”

    To win the war and their independence, our founding fathers knew that they must have God to help them – and He did.
That’s why we’re here today.

But here's my question to you today
"Where will America end up if we continue
to 'dis' God and His Word?"
(please let me know what you think)


Jerry Stewart

Date 7/3/2015

Marion Richeson

Date 7/3/2015

Kelly Stewart

Date 7/4/2015

David Ruleman

Date 7/6/2015

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